Be in Control of Your Mobile Sales and Tax Reporting Process.

Accuratly file and submit your sales tax reports in minutes.


Your business is mobile, shouldn’t your reporting be?

Report Taxes

Do you want to accurately track your sales taxes without spending hours every month?

Loggit is ready to handle even the most complex of tax reporting, making sure every location’s tax rate is current.

Track Sales & Generate Reports

Do you want to accurately monitor your income without having to use expensive tools?

Loggit can help you organize your reports in an easy to use management dashboard with filter options. You’ll get fast and up to the minute access to your data.


Loggit includes simple and time saving functionality.

Loggit allows you to track and log your daily sales, report and track your taxes by location, all

in a simple to use application.

If you’re like most small businesses you have a
process down for logging and counting down
your daily sales. But you don’t have a great way
to log the sales on a daily basis without spreadsheets and notebooks. Loggit makes it simple to quickly log your sales (cash, check and credit
card summary) and then provide that information to your accountant or bookkeeper.

Loggit provides a simple, straightforward
reports which gives you valuable information about your sales by
location. We have partnered up with Avalara, leading Tax and Reporting software company, to provide you a simple way to upload your drops and print and sign your reports.This saves hours each month so you can
work on other critical business activities – something
all small businesses need, not just Food Trucks
and Mobile operators.

Dont want to sign and print? Have Avalara do the filing for you.

In some states/cities tax rates can actually change from one street to the next or even one building to the next on the same street and within the same zip code. Not sure where you are or what the exact address is for your lunch location? Let the LOGGIT app take care of this with its highly accurate GPS address locator. We allow you to name each location however you want but we store the exact address along with the up to date sales tax rate for that location so we can calcualte your exact sales tax due.

We have partnered with TrustFile to make your sale tax filing easy. We provide a file for you to upload into your Trustfile account. You can use your sales tax report to complete your return manually, print a Ready-to-File form, or, in many states, eFile. TrustFile will provide directions for manually filing returns with state tax jurisdictions.

For many Mobile sellers, preparing and filing sales tax returns is a challenging business. By importing your sales tax data into TrustFile, you’ll be on your way to filing your sales tax returns faster than ever before.

Just export your Loggit data in CSV form from your account and import it into TrustFile to get started. TrustFile will generate a sales tax report so you can review the locations in which you are collecting sales tax and file your tax returns. Fast and Simple!

We want to make tracking and reporting your sales by location easy and hassle free that we are allowing you to use the base application free of charge. We will soon release more reports to help you better report on each of your locations.

“In the past we would track all the sales and locations on index cards and spreadsheets and then have to re-enter the informaiton into the sales tax system to generate our monthly reports. Now I use the Mobile App to log my sales by GPS location which ensures we are paying the correct sales taxes”

Angie BustosFood Truck Manager

“As a food truck accountant, the application takes care of the headaches around generating and filing the monthly sales taxes. The two food trucks we do the books for can have up to 20+ cities they report sales taxes in any one month and having all the reports automated makes my life easy”


Meet the Team

We are a passionate team, who work in the mobile food truck buisness. We have years of experience and knowledge.

Jeff Pupillo

Founder with experience in the software and food truck buisness this was a natural partnership of experiences. Loves running and coaching soccer.

Janan Mueller

Business Accountant and Compliance . She enjoys the finer details of accountanting, bookkeeping and taxes. Enjoys running and coaching kids basketball.

Rachel Skaggs

Customer Testing Liason with extensive knowledge running food trucks, Rachel brings real life experience to our testing group. Rachel enjoys running and baking.

Ravi Chauhan

Design and Development Lead Highly experienced developer with years of experience. Ravi is an integral part of our development team.

Nancy Matzke

Development Project Manager with years of experience designing, developing and implementing IT solutions Nancy provides the day to day management to our developers. Nancy enjoys playing with her dogs and traveling.

Download the App

Download the application to get started tracking your sales and locations.

Simple Sales Tracking

Along with our Mobile App we have a online dashboard and reporting system which makes the task of reporting sale and taxes a breeze.Even more convenient!

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Simple Login

We have made the process as simple as possible to input your data.

Add daily sales in seconds

We have made adding Sales as simple as possible. Select the date, select location or allow the App to determine your location via GPS, enter your sales by method add any notes and submit. It’s that easy!

Accurate Locations

Some cities have tax rates that change by street or address. We use highly accurate GPS location services to determine the address. Our system validates the address and then we use that address to get the correct sales tax rate. But if you enjoy entering in addresses we will allow you to do it the old fashion way as well.